Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Free Agent Nom Nom Nom LIVEBLOG

- Okay, I'm back. What'd I miss?

- OHLUND? For 7 years?

- This Hossa-to-Chicago rumor-mongering is a bit weird.

- I mean, WOULD Hossa go to Chicago? Is such a thing possible?

- I mean, really. Like the Jointhead says in the comments section of the previous post, the Blackhawks seem to want to sign a mega-star while our their young stars are on relatively light contracts that will blow up one day. A team of Hossa, Toews, Sharp, Kane, Keith, Seabrook, Campbell, Barker, Boland, etc...that's a team. But an expensive one. If Hossa does sign, there will be "feeding frenzy" times 100.

- A few important re-signings to report. Kovalev re-signs with Montreal, famed Czech composer Radek Dvorak has re-signed with Florida.

- CRAIG CUSTANCE: "There's some interest in Atlanta for Nik Antropov." [Custance Twitter]

- OK, I was a skeptic before the Iranian uprising, but this just confirms it further: Twitter is awesome for gathering news. It's like your own personal wire service.

- For the last time, Colby Armstrong ISN'T GOING TO BE MOVED. I'm SURE that some teams have expressed interest and called up DW and Dudley, because Army is the role player everyone wants on their team, but I would be shocked if we traded him.

- 4th Period is saying the Habs have actually extended offers to Gaborik, Hossa, and Havlat. What can this mean? What happens if they all accept?

- Mad teams calling up Komisarek and saying "Come on baby, come on down." [Kevin Allen Twitter]

- Remember Colton Orr, that guy who Eric Boulton beat up in the Fight of the Year last season, during some game in New York? Well, he's a Leaf now. Word is Burke is trying to get Travis Moen, Mike Komisarek, and other mean humans. Colton Orr is not a million-dollar man, but Burke seems to think he is. [TSN]

- By the way, if you haven't read the Falconer's post analyzing various available defensemen, whom he evaluates according to very specific criteria (minutes, etc.), DO SO NOW. [Bird Watchers Anonymous]

- Wyshynski: On Bruins -- Bosotn Globe reports they're in talks with Hossa:

They have $7.865 mil in cap space with only a few supporting players to add. It could happen
. [Puck Daddy]

- Pagnotta: "Received confirmation that Chicago and Montreal have pitched offers to Hossa... I'm sure LA is almost in mix." [Fourth Period Twitter]

- Unconfirmed report that Craig Anderson is now an Av. [Denver Post]

- David Booth is Florida' knight in shining armor. [Florida Panthers Twitter]


the jointhead said...

Chicago is a good young team but they have alot of contracts coming up soon. If they break the bank they could be fucking themselves hard.

Jay said...

I wonder how Kane or Toews would look in between Kovalchuk and Little?

Razor Catch Prey said...

Rumor that Atlanta is after Cammalleri along with the Blues and Sens.

Ridiculous rumors about us talking to the Caps about trading them the Czar. I am guessing Ovechkin himself is creating this one.

Jay said...

Kovalev resigns with MTL.

Jay said...

CraigCustance: Hossa to Chicago isn't adding up for me and I'm not the only one. Unless there's another move coming from Dale Tallon.

Jay said...

CraigCustance: There's some interest in Atlanta for Nik Antropov.

Jay said...

Twitter rocks. I don't post anything because who gives a shit what I do, I just love following breaking news.

Razor Catch Prey said...

When any one of those guys accepts the Habs' offer, the Habs will then revoke their offer to the other two, so there's no risk to them making all of those offers at once.

Jay said...

Kubina has been traded, not sure where.

Jay said...