Sunday, July 12, 2009

Prospects Talk Transcript A-Comin'

Hi kids. As you may already know, your Chronicle staff stormed the Thrashers prospects' locker room yesterday in the company of several other fine bloggers and asked a bunch of awesomely well-sculpted half-naked dudes profound and searching questions.

The transcript of what we asked, plus some overall impressions and opinions, will be posted LATER TONIGHT. DO READ IT.

Talked to Carl Klingberg, Jeremy Morin, Paul Postma, and Evander Kane. Eric O'Dell was nowhere in sight. We thought we saw Angelo Esposito but weren't 100% sure if it was him, and didn't want to walk up and be all "Angelo, tell me, is Patrick Roy totally insane or only half-insane?" if it was someone else.

It was great fun though, finally got to meet Laura of Wazzupwitchu? and Timmy F. himself, and we got to chat again with esteemed Thrash-bloggers like Lisa and Rose of The Thrashers 411 (they're also, remember, the founders and top proprietors of the Atlanta Thrashers Fan Club), Rawhide, Aaron the Outsider, and the Falconer. Good times. Stay tuned.

Oh yeah the full multi-blogger interview with Kane be here, thanks to Timmy F. YOU CAN HEAR MY AND BIG SHOOTER'S VOICES, PLUS MANY OTHERS.

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