Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Free Agent Nom Nom Nom Feeding Frenzy- Pregame

Starts now.

- Kevin Allen of USA Today tweets, " Nashville and Atlanta will be the bargain hunters in the marketplace, looking at the second tier FAs who don't break the bank." Who would that be? [Kevin Allen Twitter]

- K.A. plus a bunch of other people say it looks like Hossa won't be coming back to Detroit. [Kevin Allen Tweets for Free, Kukla's Korner]

- Kevin Allen is all like, "Oh, the Sabres might want Erik Cole and/or Gionta." [Kevin Allen Twitter]

All this speculation is boring. We'll write about stuff when stuff starts to happen. Here's a patriotic video for the upcoming 4th of July Wimbledon holiday:


Big Shooter said...

This Heatley thing has to be resolved this morning doesn't it? I would think the Oilers have a noon deadline on their offer. Can you imagine if it goes into the night and Dany declines the trade... they lose out on him and possibly other UFA's today.

Gotta happen one way or another in the next couple of hours...

Jay said...

I can believe Cole going to Buffalo. He's from Oswego, which is right by Syracuse. It'd be like going home for him.