Monday, July 6, 2009


It must be said, comrades, that Waddell and Dudley have done well this summer.

If you need a refresher course in what just happened, read this progress report by Rawhide. Recapitulates things nicely, can't disagree with his assessment.

Rumors are abroad. Something about Alexei Kovalev coming to the Thrashers; I believe nary a word of it, but if the possibility is real: I have no idea where Alex would fit, but if the contract was a reasonable payment for, say, 2 years, I'd be all for it. Yes, Kovalev has been a bit inconsistent over the years, but he's had relatively good production in the last two seasons. And he can always be counted on for timely goals during the playoffs. A fact, ladies and gentlemen.

The drafting of Evander Kane, the trade of Exelby for Kubina, the signing of Antropov--all of this without trading one of our many goalies, which gives us all kinds of options--are all great things.

There is one thing left to do, though.

Waddell told the AJC that he would meet with the Czar's agent sometime in mid-July. It's possible that Kovy might hold off until sometime during the season, but...come on. I mean, come on.

Posting will probably be erratic for a while. There will still BE posts every week, just not every weekday. It is summer, after all. If there's news we'll blog away, but otherwise it'll be a little irregular until September.

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