Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Scent of Blood Spreads Far and Wide


James Mirtle on the Falconer on the decline of fan interest in Atlanta. Worth reading.

But, ATL-defender that I am, I particularly enjoyed this comment by one Big Picture Guy:

To me the worst part is that Phillips Arena is a wonderful place to watch a hockey game, more intimate than most modern arenas, and the staff on the ground there have always been genuinely pleasant and accommodating to fans. Coming through the Marta station (subway) and hearing fans chant “Let’s Go Thrashers” after an exciting win (far too rare), riding the subway with a bunch of local Finns singing Finnish drinking songs (I’m mentioning these things because I think Canadians have a very one-dimensional picture of Atlanta-it’s actually very diverse)you could almost imagine that you were at one of the old intown arenas (Boston Garden etc). The last act in this tragicomedy hasn’t been played out but “savior” is the appropriate word to use in this context.

And this one by one Hooks Orpik (nice name):

I caught a game in Atlanta last month and there was a wider variety of fans than I’ve seen at any other hockey game.

The area kind of reminds me of Nashville: the fans that are there are just as ardent supporters of their club as you’d find in any other market….But the problem always remains in an untraditional market of how to keep the team on the radar and attract new ones. It’s difficult to do in areas where other sports are more known.

It’s almost impossible when a guy like Waddell has run them straight into the ground.

Damn straight.

I realize I'm beating a dead horse here, but I'm prepared to be boring on certain important subjects and I'll say it again: Don Waddell is a large part of a problem that's bigger than him alone. I would think that for anything at all to change in the fortunes and performance of the Thrashers, everyone--the scouting director we've had for THE ENTIRE EXISTENCE OF THIS TEAM, for instance--would have to go, not just Waddell. That would require the Atlanta Spirit committee to agree (unanimously) to fire everyone.

That isn't going to happen.

Beating a dead horse again, but: What this team needs is ONE owner, preferably an eccentric billionaire who will hire the right people. The ASG is a bungling, bureaucratic mess.

Nonetheless, Happy First Night of Hanukkah, everybody! I hope our Jewish readers (and I happen to know there are at least eight of you, one for each night) all get at least one gift from the Chronicle's Guide to Holiday Gifts for Fans of the Hockey. Hopefully something to do with Hockey Jesus.


Anonymous said...

OMFG!!!! I just read something in papers from Edmonton and Toronto that says the Wild and Thrashers are working on a Gaborik-Johnnson for Kovalchuk-Armstrong deal. FIRE WADDELL BEFORE HE RUINS THIS FRANCHISE FOREVER!!!! THIS MAN IS A FUCKING STUPID MORON THAT DOESN'T KNOW HIS ASSHOLE FROM HIS ELBOW!!!! Gaborik will leave just like Hossa did. If he doesn't resign, this franchise is D-O-N-E. This is such a fucking Waddell move. Instead of getting picks, young players and even more cap room, he wants to trade his best player for an injured fucking downgrade who can leave after the season. Instead of using Kovy for Gaborik, use Kozlov, White, Williams, Schneider, etc. NOT THE FUCKING BEST PLAYER ON YOUR TEAM!!! Seriously, if he trades Kovy for this, I'm done with this franchise. I drive eight hours(round trip) from Savannah to see games. I bought a 7 game package last year and a 13 game package this year(+ a few extra games). I'm a newer fan, but I'm pretty dedicated. I've been a NY Mets fan all my life, and even at their worst times, they have not been run as badly as this team has with Waddell. Seriously, how in the hell have all of you guys that have followed them all these years been able to handle it? And even have enough of a sense of humor to keep your blogs fun and interesting? All I want for Christmas is a Thrashers sale to Arthur Blank. Please...

Big Shooter said...

Don't believe that for one second.

Anonymous said...

How can I not? This is the same guy who traded Coburn for Shitnik and Hossa for the current poopoo platter that we see every night. This is the same guy who let Savard walk as a free agent, signed Holik to a bad contract, and drafted Stefan with the first overall pick. I'm not putting ANYTHING past this dumbass.

Anonymous said...

we need waddels address. ASG will never fire him for some reason. Its time for the fans to start putting for sale signs in the yard, bricks through the windows, and uhals in the street. Kovy is just now becomeing a complete player. Trading him now for anything less than the Red Wings starting line would be a mistake.

Big Shooter said...


You have made a convincing argument. At this point we just pray.