Sunday, December 14, 2008


- Stop complaining about Ilya Kovalchuk's "drop in point production" or his "lack of fire." Have you seen his assist totals for this season? I've always thought Kovy was at least as good a play-maker and passer as he is a goal-scorer. This season is surely confirming that, no?

And his "fire" seemed clearly expressed in his visible fury with himself last night.

It is ridiculous that he didn't have a single shot on goal; that's partially his own fault and partially his line-mates' fault. There was a moment in the game when Kovy was positioned directly in front of the goal, wide open as the kids say, ready to hammer in the puck. Jason Williams chose not to pass it to Kovy, thinking it would be more fun to drive a bus into the net.

- I've been critical of young Boris Valabik, but I'm liking his play more and more. His fight with Chara must have been bewildering for him, given the fact that Chara is his idol and all, but the two of them fought nobly and fairly, without any malice.

- This team really is a basket case. I wonder if we'll see any serious change before the New Year?


Anonymous said...

Kovys skating abilities remind me a bit of Pavel Datsyuk (my favorite player) he just needs linemates, and the abilty to hit the net with that cannon of his. We are just lacking, oh whats it called ..... talent thats it. Well at least we have three great goalies and a shit hole GM.

Anonymous said...

Every time Kovy has the puck rushing up ice into the offensive zone, it's just electric. One of the most exciting players in the NHL.

Don Waddell must go. Is he trying for a 15 year plan?