Thursday, December 11, 2008

Repetition Repetition Repetition

Oh, the tedium.

I think we've seen this before, Part 1:

The Thrashers play a pretty good game against a pretty good team (in this case, the New York Rangers and their moronic fans) and don't fail to lose because of some freakish bouncing puck disaster. Sigh.

I think we've seen this before, Part 2:

A bunch of idiots (including one who was CERTAIN that Evgeni Malkin was going to be traded to the L.A. Kings at the end of last season) jabber about how they're hearing all kinds of things about Don Waddell talking to other teams about trading Ilya Kovalchuk. None of it, it turns out, is the least bit true.

Boring boring boring.


Thoughts for the day:

- Joseph S. Crabb, well done.

- Kovalchuk.

- Scott Gomez is a joke.

Carry on.

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