Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Future Winter Classics...Where?

Mike Chen wonders if there will ever be a Winter Classic held in California. For those of you who might be geographical idiots (a common enough condition), the San Francisco Bay Area (where the SJ Sharks play) is in Northern Cali, far from the Santa Monica pier and the cast of The Hills

This fellow thinks that Candlestick Park in San Francisco would be a fine place for a Winter Classic. I'd second that: the fog that rolls in off the bay, especially in the winter, would be just as romantic as the snow in last year's Pens-Sabres game, with a West Coast novelty and strangeness. Do it, NHL.

Meanwhile, the REAL question is, as we all know: When will the NHL hold a Thrashers vs. Hurricanes Winter Classic at the top of Stone Mountain? SURELY it can be done, and people would love it. Right?

Seriously, I like the Candlestick idea. 

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