Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Barry Melrose Hates the Lightning, and Other Stories

- Barry interviewed by hockey radio fellers in Toronto and says he hopes Tampa doesn't win another game this season, that he hates everyone on the team aside from a few people (Ollie?), and thinks Steven Stamkos isn't yet developed enough to play in the NHL.

- James Mirtle reviews Don Cherry's new book, and likes it. He says there's a streak of humility in Grapes' book that we don't often see on Hockey Night in Canada. Stay tuned for a Chronicle Christmas Gift Ideas List, which is sure to include Cherry's book.

- Rawhide delves into those statistic things and discovers that for the Thrashers to achieve much of anything this season we immediately need to become as good as San Jose.

- Some kind of ice-making machine is being transported from Mobile to Chicago for the Winter Classic and is stopping off in Atlanta tomorrow. The dude doing the transporting seems to like barbeque joints; might I recommend Fox Bros. on Dekalb Avenue, near Little Five Points and Decatur? It's a Chronicle favorite.

- Not sure how much coverage this has gotten in the hockey blogosphere, but apparently your new President (of U.S. America), Barack Obama, has been invited to attend the Winter Classic. Barry might be a White Sox fan and more of a basketball guy, but he is a Chicagoan, and your Chronicle editor heartily approves of him bringing extra attention to the Winter Classic, and thereby the NHL. Do it, Barry.

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