Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Positive

There are two ways to approach last nights game. Yell, scream, fuss, throw things... or completely ignore it. I had to work this morning, so I have yet to read the AJC's coverage. I have no idea what approach John Anderson took. Either one has its points I say.

The only think I'd like to mention is the one positive to take away from last night. Boulton and Thorburn. That brought back memories. If you are getting your butt handed to you, you are supposed to stand up and fight and let the other team know they might be better than you, but you aren't going to take it lying down.

Thorburn's fight with Chara was particularly beautiful. Thor dropped his gloves first, knowing he wouldn't win the fight. But he did it anyway. He showed the Bruins, his teammates, and the fans of Atlanta that he cares and went after the biggest guy on the team and maybe the NHL. I was disappointed that the fans didn't give him a bigger applause. Probably because he didn't win. But what honor he showed in the fight. I know his teammates noticed. If you looked over to the bench after the fight they were all banging their sticks on the boards in approval.

Goes to show you that in hockey, it doesn't matter who wins the fight. The only thing that matters is you show up for it.

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Tom said...

Gotta hand it to the Trashers, they weren't going down without a fight last night. I've been a Boulton fan since his days in Charlotte and it's good to see him showing his own brand of leadership during tough times. Hope tonight's game is as entertaining as last night's.

PS - Added you guys to my blogroll:

Tom said...

PPS - "Thrashers", not "trashers". That was a typo, promise.

Big Shooter said...

Thanks Tom. Great to see the Bruins doing so well. It is very good for hockey...