Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Your Chronicle Guide to Christmas Gifts for Fans of the Hockey! Part III

All sorts of delightful bargains today.

NHL Monopoly!

First, we have NHL Monopoly. Not sure how this works, but I'm sure it's even more fun than regular Monopoly. Perhaps the object of the game is to win enough money to buy the Atlanta Thrashers from those spooky Spirits and hire a competent GM.

NHL Chess!

Can you believe it? Learn how to play here.

Hockey Wine-Holder!

This terrifyingly intelligent and sinister hockey robot will almost surely defeat you every time you try to engage it in a game of the Hockey. For trained professionals only.

Underwater Treadmill!

I said I'd include it. Join Zach Bogosian and other ice hockey stars in resuscitating dead limbs with this innovative contraption. It looks bitchin' to me.

Happy shopping. Try not to get trampled to death by the barbarian hordes.

Parts I and II

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