Sunday, December 7, 2008

Huuunnnnee De Moose... Moose, Moose.

That deep sigh of relief you heard last night all over the Atlanta area was the collective breath of all Thrashers fans, realizing that at least we are not as bad as the New York Islanders. Thank you Mad Mike. Your work is still being done even to this day.

We still give up too many shots, and don't get enough of our own, but at least we won. Good game as usual by Moose. I wouldn't get too excited just yet. It was the Islanders after all. Play a game like that against a top 8 team and that is another story.

By the way, it's amazing how many Americans forget the significance of today. My, how easily we forget. On this date in history the world was changed forever. Thank a solider today if you run into one. Or pick up the phone and give one a call. Just because Pearl Harbor didn't happen in most of our life times doesn't mean we should breeze through today and not think about it.

Enjoy Coach's Corner:


Razor Catch Prey said...

Yes, thanks to Mike Milbury, Mike Keenan, and the pressure placed on the entire Leafs organization by the Toronto sports media, there are still 3 teams worse than the Thrashers, even if the records don't show it.

Lisa Lewis said...

Yes we gave up way too many shots! On the flip side, we had the same debacle in last nights game that we had last season playing in Nassau Coliseum. Our SOG's were not counted correctly again. I had the shot counter up on my computer and watched as the Thrash took shots and the counter did not move. Darren & JP also commented on it at the end of the broadcast. After Thorburn's goal the stat counter never reflected the SOG that lead to a goal.