Friday, December 5, 2008

Teh Newz!

- Sean Avery has been suspended for six games and who gives a shit.

- Anyone watch the Sharks-Blue Jackets game last night? Thanks to Chronicle commenter Swegs, I can now watch all their late-night Californian games on the Interweb! Hooray!

Anyway, it was a fine one: up and down, aggressive, JR power play goal, Joe Thornton with the game-winner. Nabokov was brilliant. 

- R-R-R-RRR-Ron Wilson, h-h-h-hhh-he a hard man.  

- How about that NHL Network "Voices" feature on Dan Kamal? Excellent and interesting, I thought. I particularly enjoyed watching Kamal's game-day routine: interviewing players after the morning skate, researching the opposing team, making notes, and setting up shop in the corner of the press box come game-time. 

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Anonymous said...

ha thanks for the shout-out. :]