Monday, December 22, 2008


I won't bother.

All I'll say is:

1) This game had everything: hideous play from literally everyone on the Thrashers, retarded calls by the officials, and the Vegas Maple Leafs. This game couldn't have been more infuriating.

2) I'm asking Waddell for a trade to San Jose, including a cabin on the Pacific with this view:

This team, it pains me to say, is never going to go anywhere until there's a radical overhaul in ownership, management, scouting, and, um, everything else.

Losing in humiliating ways AT HOME has become routine. Weep.


Anonymous said...

I left the game early tonight, which I never do. I justified it in my head thinking I needed to beat the Monday night MARTA crowd, but we all know that's BS.

The worst were the Leafs fans, everywhere. Some little 12 year old with his pre-pubescent commentary on everything sitting behind me almost got a fistful from this guy. "Heh heh, the TRASHERS sure look tired!" It's not child abuse if the kid's Canadian, right?

Where did the cabin pic come from? I would like to go there now and forget that the game of hockey even exists.

Mortimer Peacock said...

The cabin picture comes from a New York Times article on a ranch north of San Francisco:

Beautiful stuff.

Anonymous said...

Please chant at next home game... Fire Don Wadell repeat, or maybe kill don wadell. Does there ever come a time when you just quit in shame. Will they not let him quit. Working in the medical field if I had killed numerous people I might say hey you know what maybe this job is not for me. DW has killed thosands of hockey people in atlanta, maybe like 80%. Is he just trying to finish up the rest? The only reason he is a "respected" GM is because he has helped almost every team in the NHL except his own. Please Fucking Die DW, we will properly bury you in your gay ass turtle neck. Fuck Off and Die You Fuck...

Sarah said...

This was actually the first Thrashers game I watched all the way through, and it was pretty hideous. Is it always like that?

P.S. Sea Ranch really is that pretty. Amazing place. But it is a good 150+ miles (3 hour drive) from San Jose.

Big Shooter said...


Not always, but most of the time. Please come back.

Mortimer Peacock said...


Yeah, I know Sea Ranch is pretty far north of SJ, but I'm fine with any cabin on any stretch of the Pacific coast.

I remember San Jose as a horrible smog-choked place, so I figure the Sharks organization can give me a place somewhere in one of the prettier parts of the Bay Area...then again, I was watching a Sharks game the other night and the area around the HP Pavillion looks awfully nice.

Don't be a stranger!

aaron said...

Sooo.... I guess I shouldn't bother listening to the recording I made of the game?

Anonymous said...

Sexy Sidney Crosby clearly high sticks the puck into the goal for the game winner against Buffalo, and upon review..Ah what the hell give it to him he IS Sydney Crosby, at least he didn't give anybody a shot to the pills.

Sarah said...

Mortimer- They must not have really been showing the area directly around the Tank. =) Downtown is nice, if you are into the high-rise living kind of thing. But two blocks either way... not so much. Safe and all, but not picturesque. And SJ does get more smog since it isn't directly on the Bay and doesn't get the fog and wind to clear the air like SF and Oakland do. Still, it is like apples and oranges compared to LA. I do love SJ (go Spartans!), I'm just happy living a bit more to the North.

For nice Pacific views near SJ, Santa Cruz would probably be the more popular destination and easiest to get to. But Pescadero is much more like your picture. I hear most of the Sharks live in Los Gatos or Saratoga. Not near the water and much more forest-like, but super nice area.

None of this has anything to do with hockey, but I have learned more about this country and Canada via hockey than almost anything I learned in school so I thought I give you some South Bay lowdown. =)

Sarah said...

Oops, I should have said "high rise" with intentional quotation marks because most of the buildings in downtown SJ are no more than 20 stories or so because of the airport and how low the planes come overhead.

I love standing at the Guadalupe River overcrossing across the street from the Tank and watch the planes drop their landing gear right over my head.