Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lunchtime Briefing

- Big Shooter reports that the Tampa Bay Lightning ownership is every bit as funny and screwed-up as we thought. [Blogwhore Chronicle]

- James Mirtle has been vindicated as well, but for the Fans. We've been vindicated because we like sniping at anything to do with the Lightning, for Ignoble Schadenfreude. [Jameszilla]

- The Detroit Red Wings have discovered that Chris Chelios has been 47 this entire time. CHELIOS TO THE THRASHERS NOW! [The Detroit News]

- So. That Rick Dudley guy, right? How about him? How about HIM? Aaron knows. [Blueland Outsider]

- Is Jay Bouwmeester the One to rescue the Leafs from what can seem like permanent mediocrity? Perhaps. Hey, one time, in 1993, I watched the Leafs vs. Kings playoff series, that being the first hockey I'd ever laid eyes on. This is true! [Kukla's Korner]

- Ovechkin sighted at the Much Music Awards in Toronto. Does Much Music still exist? I used to watch that religiously back in junior high; I thought it was so much cooler than vulgar vapid MTV. I had a huge crush on that one girl VJ...what was her name? Rebecca something or other... [Puck Daddy]

- R.I.P. sir. I think Andy Richter is a worthy successor. Seriously, I watched Conan's version of the Tonight Show for the first time a few nights ago and I thought it was actually pretty good. Oh yeah Ed McMahon... [Entertainment Weekly]

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