Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Only 9 Days Until Halloween

- We could have added another loss to the Lighting's record last night, but apparently Bryan Little punched Martin St. Louis in the balls and gave the Bolts an overtime power play. Sigh.

- Isn't Dan Kamal wonderful? He should do TV commentary alongside the Darren.

- Judging from Kamal's radio commentary, we played a hideous game the first two periods (the second marginally better than the first) and came roaring back in the third. A sudden burst of confidence and competitiveness late in the game...something that WOULD NOT have happened last season. Yes, we lost. But we got a point for the standings (9th place, yeah!) and more importantly, we're proving to be a reasonably competitive, confident team. Goodee.

- The Caps lost to the Flames last night. This is a good thing for the Atlanta Thrashers.

- Puck Daddy has a story on the greatest thing that's ever happened anywhere ever.

- Thomas Vanek = unreal. Rocket Richard?

- Ron Wilson is a great coach, but why in God's name does a great coach all of a sudden yank his starting goalie (who put up a solid performance in the third period) and replace him with the back-up just before a shoot-out? Strange. Almost as strange as this:

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