Thursday, October 23, 2008

Only 8 Days Until Halloween

- The Flyers still haven't won a game (JR single-handedly destroyed them last night, see below). Some are beginning to wonder if Sarah Palin inadvertently put a curse on them when she dropped the puck at the home opener a few weeks ago. That's no way to win Pennsylvania.

- Mats Sundin is still alive.

- If there IS a Palin curse, how do you get rid of it? Someone consult an Alaskan witch doctor.

- Sarah will be dropping the puck at a St. Louis Blues game. Is this really necessary? Do the Blues really want to put an end to the awesome season they've been having this early?

- Speaking of the Blues' awesome season: our old, dear friend Keith Tkachuk has scored 7 goals so far. 7 goals.

8 days to Halloween.

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