Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Only 2 Days Until Halloween

- Big Shooter, Monsieur Catalogues, and the absent Razor (he's been on a cruise around Italy, folks; don't worry though, he'll return soon) are free to write about the Thrashers. I'm putting a moratorium on posts from myself about the Thrashers until they actually win a game.

- One final note before the Thrashers content hiatus: What a horrible game. I'm reasonably sure that the Flyers aren't as good as they played last night, and that, yes, the Thrashers aren't as horrific, but Jesus H. was like watching every Thrashers blow-out crystallized into one game. Except this time it wasn't happening on the road (like our debacles in Buffalo and Long Island last season); it was happening before my eyes. The energy in the arena couldn't have been lower; ditto the team's energy. Except for Kovalchuk's totally insane outburst. I fear our young Czar may be losing his mind. I would be.

- So the Sharks won last night...that's something, I guess.

- Oh fuck, who am I kidding? What a clusterfuck.

2 days to Halloween.

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