Monday, December 22, 2008

Larry Brooks on Sidney Crosby

You all know about that incident the other night: everyone's favorite new pretend boyfriend, Boris Valabik, was exchanging blows with Kris Letang (he's a horrible human being as well, but that's another story) when the fresh-faced Savior of Hockey sucker-punched Boris from behind and proceeded to punch him--not once, not twice, but several times--in his life-and-funtime-generating organs.

Larry Brooks of the NY Post

How, by the way, would the Protector of Children explain Sidney Crosby's behavior on Thursday night in Atlanta when the Chosen One first sucker-punched Boris Valabik across the side of the head before continuing to rein blows on his nether regions while the Thrashers' defenseman was wrestling with Pittsburgh's Kris Letang and unable to defend himself or fight back?

Crosby should be facing a disciplinary hearing with NHL vice president Colin Campbell. He should have gotten a game-misconduct penalty as third-man-in. Instead, the wimpy Chris Rooney-Don VanMassenhoven referee tandem got into the spirit of the Christmas season by assessing Crosby a mere two minutes for roughing. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Maybe Bettman would like to explain that, and the concept of equal justice under the law, to all those 12-year-olds out there.

Bettman will never discipline the Baby Jesus! ESPECIALLY AT CHRISTMAS!


Anonymous said...

As I said in an earlier post, I hope someone Todd Bertusis his ass. If the NHL doesn't punish him then it is up to the players, thats the great thing about enforcement and responsibility in this game and I love it. It is clear that he thinks he is invincible and hes headed for the belt in some scripted WWF show. I hope I have the tivo rolling when his world comes crashing down.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Yeah, I agree. I honestly do hope someone lays him out one day. Not that I want him to get seriously hurt, but it's obvious that the NHL is never going to do anything about his stupid cheapshots...therefore, he needs to get walloped.