Wednesday, December 3, 2008


What else can you say at this point?


Kovy was flying last night, we scored three goals in less than a minute in the third period, and then we scored another goal in the final minute of the game... and still lost. After seeing the effort of Havelid, Enstrom and Christensen on that 4th goal I actually vomited in my house. I'm still cleaning it up.

One other thing... I'm sick and tired of hearing about our bad breaks. Oystrick falls on his face, the Habs skate right past him and score a goal.

That, my friends, is not a bad break. It is A BAD PLAY! Lets stop making excuses and start calling people out when they can't stay on their own two feet. Jimmy Slater should know not to skate right into the goalie with no one around him. Power play Habs. Goal Habs. This stuff shouldn't happen in the NHL.

Now, what would I do to try and fix things you say? Kari should be back in about two weeks. Showcase him. Hope he plays well. And then trade him because we have depth in goal!! It makes no sense to have such good depth in one area, and then so many glaring weaknesses in other areas.

You try and trade Kari and EC for Spezza. For some reason the Sens don't seem overly pleased with him. Not sure if that deal would work, but it seems like it is close enough to get something done.

#1 center for our Czar.

The End.


Tiffany said...

i don't think we can be friends anymore :p

Big Shooter said...

I love Kari... you know that!

But we need to do something. Kari or Pavs needs to go because the team is so bad in other areas.

Kari can't stay healthy. Thus, decision made.

You know you still love me!

Anonymous said...

Love that idea. Spezza would turn Kovy into Ovie. Throw in a defenseman too, if needed(Exelby or Havelid). Kozlov isn't getting any younger either. Should the Thrashers sell high? Just wondering...

I'm also pretty sure Sean Avery would come REAL cheap in a trade right now. Would be entertaining at the very least.

FrenchCatalogues said...

No Avery. I want to keep whatever dignity we have left.

aaron said...

Amen on the No Avery Rule.

The only worry I have about a Spezza trade would be his disposition. Another Hossa?

FrenchCatalogues said...

Ottawa isn't much better off than us at the moment. Playing with player with Kovy's talent is a Center's dream. Maybe he is just tired of being with asses like Heatley.

Mortimer Peacock said...

A Kovalchuk-Spezza-Little line would be quite nice.

Hate to break up the Kahlua Line, though, so it'll have to be Kovalchuk-Spezza-Williams.

aaron said...