Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Few Quick Ones

- If you found the post below overly harsh on the players, pour yourself some whiskey, pop in a good John Leguizamo movie, and nod off to pleasant dreams of The Pest crossed with Executive Decision. I don't mean to be cruel (well, yes, yes actually I do), but...well, put it this way: God bless the Czar, the Kahlua Line, Hainsey, Enstrom, and our three goalies. As for the others: some of them are good on occasion, but not nearly good enough on a consistent basis; some try very hard and I thank them for it (looking at you, Jimmy Slater); others are nice, likable people that can't play a full game of NHL hockey. Sorry. That's just how it is. No point in wallowing in denial.

- None of this means that you shouldn't watch the Thrashers or cheer for them.

- If the Thrashers do get the number one draft pick next summer (not saying they will; just admitting that it's at least a possibility) drafting a player like John Tavares would help the team's young core quite a bit on the road to Stanley Cup contention. Little, Bogosian, Hainsey, Pavelec/Lehtonen, Esposito, and Kulda are an excellent nucleus. If Kovy stays, we are well and truly set.

- John Anderson is an excellent coach. His coaching staff is excellent as well.

- The Atlanta Spirit must be using the Thrashers as a kind of money-laundering operation. I think they care about the Hawks quite a bit; the Thrashers they couldn't be less interested in.

- The Thrashers' situation would be immediately improved by a change of ownership and a new general manger.

Sleep tight, now. Pleasant dreams.


FrenchCatalogues said...

I'm not going to be able to look at any hockey press for some time. Honestly, I'm embarrassed and ashamed. This is not how an NHL team plays. I hope for a solid rebuilding with Toby, Hainesy, Little, Pavs, Kulda, Hopefully Esposito, Bogo, that 28 or 29th overall guy, and hopefully Kovy if really wants to stay here. I feel sorry for him. Poor guy. Didn't sign up for this.....

Anonymous said...

Any team with an ownership that cares would have made some type of move by now i.e. making a trade or fucking firing don wadell for christs sake, maybe I can start careing again when they start caring, but for now its just a kind of like a clown, funny and sad. Oh and Fuck you "spirit" group.