Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Power Rankings My Ass

So, Scott Burnside is keeping up with the current trend to just make fun of the Thrashers. In his recent article he puts us dead last in the Eastern rankings. Surprise surprise! And then the man puts Carolina in the top ten. I ask you, really? Really? I mean Carolina over Ottawa or Boston even Tampa? I mean things are just getting out of hand. Also putting the Leafs and the Panthers in front of us? I swear, if I could find these writers, I would give em all a good kick in the nads. In the West he puts the Kings last. It just unimaginative thinking. Terrible speculation. But no no, everyone just talks about oh we didn't get Brian Campbell. He then goes to say John Anderson's first season is going to be a long one. The worst thing about all this is that Burnside lives in Atlanta. I can't take this kind negativity anymore. Also, I want to add, writing this article is a serious waste of time. There are other things going in the NHL: Murray on waivers, the Canucks trying to build the offense, the elongated wait for Sundin, Bouwmeester rejecting the offer from the Panthers, Vermette being moved, and other stories. But no, Burnside gets lazy and writes an article about his prediction to next season. The season hasn't even started nor has camp, and there are teams that aren't finished trades or signings. So to you, Scott Burnside I say, get off your ass and do some real sports journalism.

Also take a look at this. These were the power rankings last year at ESPN.


Mortimer Peacock said...

Burnside never fails to amaze me. Nor does the majority of the hockey media, who follow the "Tampa Bay will rule" meme like a rabble of lemmings.

Burnside is a strange kind of Canadian xenophobe. Why does he live in Atlanta? I'm beginning to worry that he's plotting to blow up Philips Arena or something.

Lisa Lewis said...

I say we all start taking shots at Burnside and let him get a taste of his own medicine.

Big Shooter said...

Or we could just win our division and see what he says...

Anonymous said...

I like Burnside's columns and even post links to them...he knows a lot about hockey and the NHL.

All that being said....he can kiss my lilly-white ass.

Let us all make sure that we link back to this premature ranking in 6-7 months when we aren't close to the cellar!!!

Burnside get's an official Rawhide BITE-ME!!!!

Lisa Lewis said...

I used to like Burnside until he started dogging the team every chance he got.

Yes we can win the division and rub it in!