Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Glimpse of What the Thrashers Could Be Next Season

They can become better than this, actually, if Enstrom corrects his habit of giving up the puck.

A note: Bobby Holik's goal had nothing to do with Bobby Holik and everything to do with the Czar's masterful set-up.

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Razor Catch Prey said...

You know what Bobby's goal looked like there? Mike Eruzzioni's goal against the Russians. Pass from the boards just above the faceoff circle on the left side to the captain several feet inside the blue line in the middle. Receives the pass then immediately takes a quick slapshot for the game winning goal.

I think one of our biggest improvements, which can be seen from this clip, would be to axe JP Delacamera and get a play-by-play man who actually knows something about hockey. We have possibly the best radio broadcast team in hockey, and Jeff Odgers has turned out to be an excellent color man. However, we went from Ferrell, who was just a joke, to Matt McConnell, who I know know wasn't all that bad, to a damned soccer announcer who hasn't even taken the time to learn the rules of hockey over the past three seasons. We have McConnell in the studio now after his stint in Minnesota was cut short. Can the euro-wannabe and put Matt back in the broadcast booth. Or better yet, as Shooter and I have been advocating for years, have a three man broadcast team consisting of Odgers, Kamal, and Eliot doing a single broadcast for both television and radio.