Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 15 Since Knobler's Last Blog...

According to Rawhide, apparently the only guy the AJC has reporting on hockey (SWEET JESUS THE AJC SUCKS!!!!!), we have hired Randy Cunneyworth of the Rochester Americans as an assistant head coach. This pleases me very much. He will be a head coach in the NHL one day. Probably in the next couple of years after we surprise everyone. Teams will come calling. Good for him.

Also, it is my official position that all the possible trade talks make my head hurt. Here are your lines:

Czar Christensen Little
Kozlov White Williams
Perrin Reasoner Armstrong
Boulton Slater Stuart

With the usual supects rounding it out.

This takes the pressure off Little by putting him with very talented players. You put him as the 2nd line center and I think he may struggle. Put him on the first line wing and he doesn't have all the defensive responsibilities that go with the center position. I also think he would complement the Czar quite nicely on the far wing.

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