Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Historical Perspective

The future of the Thrashers is full of question marks. Can we get a center for Kovy? Can we add another good forward? Is Ilya Nikulin going to sign or not? When will Bogosian be ready? Will Toby Enstrom get better, get worse, or stay the same? What are we going to do with our glut of goalies? Will Slava Kozlov re-awaken? Is John Anderson going to be an effective coach?

The fact is we simply don't know. No one has any clue how the Thrashers are going to fare next year, and anyone who claims certainty about this is a charlatan. 

For all those rumor-mongers out there: 


FrenchCatalogues said...

I personally think things will be ok. I really do. I really think Erik Christensen might come into his own. He was happy to come here because he thought it'd be good for his career (to play along the Czar, racking up points). We do need someone on the other side though. We really really do. The people on the Thrasher boards are smoking some serious crack saying Thorbun should be up there along with Kovy and Crusher. I ask you...........what the fuck?

Mortimer Peacock said...

I think the idea behind Thor being up there with Crusher and the Czar is that he's massive and might fulfill the role of space-clearing power forward. I suppose it's not impossible, but really kids, let's be serious here...

If we could somehow get a good right winger...I haven't given up on Jonathan Cheechoo. Thorburn for Cheechoo, in fact, ought to do the trick.

Actually, forget Cheechoo. If our top line is Kovy and Crusher we'll need some kind of power forward at right wing. The ideal first line should be:

Sniper - Playmaker - Power Forward

So my ultimate line would be:
Kovalchuk - Thornton - Iginla

Since that may not ever happen, perhaps we should put Colby Armstrong at right wing. Or maybe even Slava.

Big Shooter said...

Very nice find of the Ovie article.

Perhaps it will bring a little sanity to some folks at other places...

Then again maybe not.