Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ryan Clowe is Still Available?

I know this is only speculation, and it sounds too good to be true (not for the Sharks, but for other teams, like, say, the Thrashers). But I can't resist sharing:

Ryan Clowe, is a great player but is still rolling around the free agency market and I can only ask one question "What's Up?" I mean Clowe has gone through arbirtration and even though Doug Wilson has said the deal is pretty much done like dinner I've learned their has been a bunch of interest in the left wing.

You can call me a lunatic, but I've got a hunch that Ryan is already gone. I mean the Sharks only have 1.374 million cap space left and still have a handful of prospects to sign. Now something I know for real is that Clowe still hadn't picked the term of his new contract and I think why he's taking so long is cause another team is trying to poach him.

Could the Thrashers be a viable poacher?

If the Thrashers get Ryan Clowe I will cry rivers of joy.

For one, the guy is a Shark. More importantly, he scored 34 points in 58 games in 2006-07 and 8 points in 15 games in 2007-08. He got injured early in the regular season, but came back just in time to score 5 goals and 4 assists in the playoffs. He's a great skater, he has a good shot, and he does a lot of this:

Sign him and we probably won't need Vermette, but of course I wouldn't be against going after Vermette as well. Do work, DW.

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FrenchCatalogues said...

I for one think Clowe is a straight-up badass. He comes back from being injured and wastes no time. He was amazing in the playoffs. Again, there are a few teams that I'll take a player from without even flinching, The Oilers and Sharks.