Monday, July 7, 2008

Lowe vs Burke

Too bad the NHL stepped in and put at least a public end to the feud between the two GMs. I personally enjoy a good cat-fight. In a bold move for The Chronicle, I took a plane to both Edmonton and Anaheim to get a first hand view of the feud for our readers. That's right kids, Big Shooter went on a little trip...

Big Shooter: Kevin, Big Shooter with The Chronicle here. Got time for a question or two?

Lowe: No problem. Anything for our #1 Oilers fan in Georgia!

BS: You stated earlier that Brian Burke is a moron. Everyone at The Chronicle agrees with you (laughter). What we want to know is, just how big of a moron is he?


BS: Always good for a laugh Kevin! Give Mac T our best.

Lowe: No problem. I read your stuff all the time. You boys at The Chronicle keep up the wonderful work! Best Thrashers/Oilers/Sharks blog around. God Bless...

And just to show that we report both sides of the story here at The Chronicle, I caught up with Brian Burke at his annual Fan Club party. He had no comment, but I was able to snap a picture before security threw me out:

For The Blueland Chronicle, I'm Big Shooter.

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