Thursday, July 3, 2008

Deep Breath Folks, Deep Breath

Isn't it unbelievable all the garbage that you read on the various message boards? I still read them, because I am starved for hockey talk. Rarely do I comment, just because I don't have the energy to get in to a never ending argument with a bunch of complete morons. You know who you are. It is obviously not anyone that reads this blog, because if you have ended up here your hockey IQ is off the charts! Seriously, some of these people really need to go have a Crown & 7, and come back when they are feeling better. There are a few people out there who can talk intelligently on the boards, but for the most part... the world is ending.

Everyone was frustrated we didn't get who we were going after on Day 1, but it wasn't for lack of effort (like so many say on the boards). It was because our team sucked last year (different argument, different time). We were very aggressive for Campbell, Rolston, and I would bet others that we as the public don't know about (seriously, WHEN are they gonna hire me?). Can't we at least try and stay positive? Hainsey was a decent start (along with Anderson, Moose, Bogo, no Shitnik...). We still have a lot of time and money to play with. There are still very good offensive players through FA, as well as those on the D (Jason Smith Jason Smith Jason Smith Jason Smith Jason Smith).

With our flexible cap space, that also gives us some options through trade. We could pick off a team that is in bad cap shape (that is how we got Hossa). Possibly Chicago? My God if we got Duncan Keith I would immediatly pass away of a heart attack, or die of a total overload of pure joy. Or we could take on a player that is good, but maybe not worth his contract (Marleau...). Things get a little risky when you go this route, but it is an option.

As I said before, it is early July. The puck drops early October. Give this thing time to play out. The time to complain is when our team is set in training camp and you are not happy, not on Day 3 of free agency.

For The Blueland Chronicle, I'm Big Shooter.


Anonymous said...

As a life long Wing fan I am nursing a massive hangover from all the medicine needed to sedate my shock at the signing of one Marian Hossa, as I was not expecting much in FA from them but the return of a Stanley Cup Champion team WOW. I do find myself still a little bumbed my thrashers haven't done more (I live in Columbus, GA) I have driven two hours to many a thrashers game and I'm sure I will again, but who knows I really like John Anderson so maybe he can turn our team into the little engine that could.

Big Shooter said...

I hate the Wings, but gotta hand it to them. They know what they are doing.

It was reported Hossa was deciding between 1 year 7.5 with the Wings, and 9 years 81 million with the Oilers.


The Thrash will do more.

Mortimer Peacock said...

The Blackhawks are well over their cap space; I'd love to take Keith of Winnipeg off their hands. Either him or Patrick Sharp would be awesome. I doubt they'd give up Kane or Toews. Or Campbell.