Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dejection Liveblog

6:09-- According to the Fourth Period liveblog, the Thrash are going after Redden and Rozsival now that Campbell is out of the picture.

6:32-- Mike Commodore to Columbus. Brian Rolston to New Jersey. The universe is cruel.

6:59-- We've made an offer to Brooks Orpik.

7:00-- TSN back on NHL Network. Everyone in the world after Redden.

Rozsival re-signed by Rangers.

7:01-- SIGN BRENDAN MORRISON AND MARKUS NASLUND! Make them an offer they can't resist!

7:07-- Hossa may not sign with anyone tonight.

7:12-- We must sign Wade Redden or Mark Streit. Then we must sign Brooks Orpik or Jason Smith. Then we must sign Brendan Morrison AND Markus Naslund.

7:36-- Wade Redden signed by the Rangers. Our only option for an offensive defenseman is Mark Streit, Mark Streit, and Mark Streit. Our options for shut-down defensemen are more expansive: Brooks Orpik and Jason Smith. Our choices are thinning.

8:22-- Mark Streit to the Islanders. Kill me now.

Trade Pavelec for Dan Boyle. Do it now. Trade several draft picks in the next few years for Jay Boumeester. Sign Jason Smith AND Brooks Orpik.


Michael Ryder.

Fucking do it, Donald.


Downtown Atlanta said...

Is this a years thing? Are we losing these negotiations on contract length? That would tell me the ASG wants to keep their options open...

Big Shooter said...

I think we are losing these negotiations because the other teams are better...

Downtown Atlanta said...

That would make me feel better if we hadn't started the day better than the Ning. Other "bad" teams are improving. Are we the last place a good player wants to end up?