Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

We here at the Chronicle are pleased that the Second Continental Congress of 1776 decided to declare independence from Great Britain. A risky move, for sure, but ultimately a good move.
Speaking of risky but good moves, when the hell are we going to finally use one of our goalie bargaining chips? I think that's the only way to get something at this point. I'm sure you've all heard the rumors, and seeing as how they're rumors that weren't generated by the Chronicle's Hallucination Department I'll refrain from repeating them here.
I'll just say that I'll be very displeased if DW doesn't make a Continental Congress-esque move by the end of the July 4th Weekend. If the Thrashers make a big trade in the next two days this weekend will go down in history as a wild and wooly one for the city of Atlanta. Not only has the Gay Pride Parade been moved from Piedmont Park (the official editorial position is that Piedmont Park can handle it, drought or no drought), and not only was there a huge turnout this morning at the Peachtree Road Race (I woke up early enough to see masses of runners outside my window; never actually witnessed the Race before, and I was shocked to see just what a big deal it is), but the Thrashers might renew their and our hopes as well! Do it DW.

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