Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Chronicle's Top Home Games for 08-09

October 10, Washington Capitals 7:30
Kovy and Ovie, Bayou Boudreau and John "Chicken Truck" Anderson, and a chance to heckle Jose Theadore on opening night.

October 18, Philadelphia 7:00
While it's never risen to the level of a rivalry, the all-time Thrashers/Flyers series has had some epic battles.

November 20, Pittsburgh 7:00
For some reason, people get excited to see this Sidney kid play. I'm looking forward to cheering on Army and Crusher as they take on their former teammates, and Kari gets to show Fleury what a young phenom goalie is supposed to play like.

December 10, New York Rangers, 7:00
A chance to boo those bums who turned down our offers during free agency so they could play in the Madison Cube Garden.

December 20, Tampa Bay, 7:00
Barry Melrose's first appearance in Philips Arena as a coach, plus maybe the first opportunity for Bogo to plaster the Imp against the boards.

December 22, Toronto, 7:00
Time to unleash some hatred, then read TSN and the Toronto newspaper the next day to find out how unfairly John Anderson's boys stole the game.

January 2, Vancouver, 7:30
Come to the Bulb and see if you can figure out which conflicted individual is Mesieur Catologues, alternately cheering for the Thrashers and his beloved whale-men.

January 14, Ottawa, 7:30

January 20, Montreal, 7:00
"Parlez-vous you suck!?!?!?!?!?"

February 11, Chicago, 7:00
Atlanta vs. Chicago. The most talent under the age of 25 that you'll see in any game between any two teams in the NHL this season.

February 24, Colorado, 7:00
The Avs should be a lot of fun to watch this year. They are relying on Andrew Raycroft in net, so Kovy should have no problem putting up a hat trick.

March 8, Calgary, 3:00
Iginla, The Deion (his term, not mine), and Kipper in a matinee game. You'll probably be able to find the Chronicle staff at the Taco Mac afterwards watching the evening games.

March 20, Detroit, 7:30
Hossa and all things evil.

April 7, Washington, 7:00
The home stretch before the playoffs, and the Caps will he hoping to pick up some ground against the division leading Thrashers.

April 11, Tampa Bay, 7:00
The last regular season game, where Bogo uses the Imp as target practice to tune up before the playoffs!


Tiffany said...
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Tiffany said...

where the f did you get the schedule?! I WANT IT!!!!

Mortimer Peacock said...

I'm so excited I could cry.