Monday, October 11, 2010

Two Games In

It's very hard to say where the Thrashers might be headed this season. Other than out to California for a difficult road trip, that is.

Saturday night's game against the Lightning didn't go very well, obviously, but people should take away one overwhelming Good Thing from that game: Craig Ramsay's awesome orange shirt and tie. The man is a sharp dresser, folks, much sharper than John Anderson ever was. I'd even go so far as to say he's the best-dressed coach the Thrashers have ever had.

Friday's home opener was exciting and emotional, but even then I couldn't get too carried away, given our history of home opener victories (many of them blowouts).

What should we expect? Hell if we know.

Oh, and speaking of exciting and emotional: part of your Chronicle was present at yesterday's Braves game. Your TBC editor can honestly say he's never been that ecstatic at a sporting event, nor more dejected. I think I'm traumatized for life. Oh, and Brooks Conrad, the poor man, has become our favorite new metaphor.

ALSO: Your editor really, REALLY enjoyed the blaxploitation/"release the Kraken" video that took the place of "Unleash the Fury" at the home opener. Genius stuff. Really.


j_barty_party said...

"What do should we except?"

Was this sentence purposely fucked up beyond recognition because we are so befuddled by what to think / expect of the Thrashers at this point in the season?

I expect the shaved head from Ramsay all week and lots of wet, greasy locks from Bogey, Thorbs, Sopes Star and eventually Hainsey and Antropov. I think we'll have a mullet from Antro in due time.

That's what I "except" for the coming weeks. JMHO!

Mortimer Peacock said...

Oh, yes, that should've been "expect," maybe. My head is honestly still spinning from the Braves game.