Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The News Briefing Has Returned!

WELL. The 2010-11 season is nearly upon us! This bright, crisp NHL Season Eve might be a fine time to bring back an old Chronicle feature, the news blitz of Interesting or Comical Stories Concerning Your Hockey.

What's going on today?

- You know that young Russian, Alexander "Johnny Burma" Burmistrov, whom the planet's youth love as if he were an ice-dwelling Justin Bieber? The Thrashers have signed him to an 3-year entry-level contract! It looks like he'll be centering our third fourth line, which could be interesting.

- Say, what does our roster look like anyway? Accounts vary. According to Chris Vivlamore, Craig Ramsay thinks these lines are probably the most promising to start the season:

Modin - Antropov - Dawes

Ladd - Little - Bergfors

Kane/Boulton - Peverley - Stewart

Eager - Burmistrov - Thorburn





Oh my. OH MY. Is there any alternative to this, at all?

- Quite a few Thrashers are appearing on various teevee and (terrible) radio shows around Atlanta this week. Ben Wright has the schedule here.

- Much like the Saxons and Normans during the chaotic downfall of the Plantagenets, the Thrashers have no captain. They will begin the season this way and might even remain so for a quite a while. Who out of this roster can you envision as a captain? I say Ron Hainsey, and I'm not even kidding.

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