Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Game Day: Sabres

Hey, remember when the Atlanta Thrashers used to play games IN ATLANTA? Well tonight it happens again. The Boys in Blue take the ice in Philips Arena to take on the Buffalo Ryan Millers.

Will a "goal scorer" put one past the reigning Vezina Trophy winner? Or will we once again be delighted by the lamp lighting antics of Anthony Stewart and Chris Thorburn?

Buffalo is always an entertaining opponent because the Thrashers and Sabres are very similar teams. This year the similarities are even more striking, as both lineups consist of role players who are asked to go above and beyond to make up for the lack of superstars.

Alas, the moose humping a buffalo statue will never be as apropos as it was in the past now that Hedberg is in hell, but don't think that'll stop us.

I'm still trying to start a trend of mispronouncing Byfuglien's name upon a goal or big hit just so we can all yell By-Foooooooooog-lee-in! I don't care how much of a stretch it is, I just want it to sound like we're booing when we're really cheering.

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Anonymous said...

Way to lay a giant crapper Thrashers.