Thursday, October 7, 2010

Important Announcement Regarding Changes to Your Chronicle

It's a new season, and appropriately enough (?) this web publication will be making a few changes/adding some things in the very near future. We've been lolloping along for nearly 3 years now, and we need an injection of fresh blood to complement our current stable of writers.

THUS, the following changes are about to hit your Chronicle:

1) We've added an occasional columnist! He won't be a daily poster along the lines of Razor Catch Prey or your humble servant; he's more like a defenseman brought in to be a power-play specialist. We haven't hammered down a schedule, and probably never will, but he'll be contributing on a semi-regular basis with entertaining think-pieces about your Thrashers. Hooray!

2) In addition to our new columnist, we've hired a foreign correspondent, or perhaps "frozen correspondent," to report from the wilds of Colorado on the View of Hockey from that mountainous snowscape.

3) We're adding ANOTHER occasional mystery columnist, who may or may not be contributing rap lyrics about various Thrashers and other NHL players, teams, ballin' in general, etc.

4) There's going to be a lot more podcasts.


5) This blog's machinery is getting a bit creaky, and will only get creakier with all the new features. Your editor is thinking about shifting the operation to Wordpress or some other outlet. Actually, probably not, but I'll AT LEAST think about re-arranging the template on this godforsaken thing.

Otherwise your Chronicle will remain your Chronicle, for better and for worse.

So, yeah, there you go. Hockey is here! Rejoice!


Razor Catch Prey said...

Plus, just as the season is upon us, I am about to go into a busy phase at work and will have a few weeks where I can't post more than once or twice per week.

And Morty, I'm not sharing my cubicle. It's in my contract, right after the clause where I get Prima Nocte if anyone starts dating a member of the Blue Crew or a midget wrestler.

h said...

And we're already in last! Carolina won today. I'm not too happy about Pavs getting the nod in goal tonight. And is it me? or is it hard to be excited about a team where Dawes, Stewart and Boulton make the roster. I really hope we make some move, and I hope I'm wrong, but I'm a little concerned. Also, didn't Rammer get enough of the Sopel-Hainsey pairing? Could they break the Thrashers all-time worst plus/minus record? I'll be positive starting tomorrow. No moral victories though. We must win games.

Big Shooter said...

This can only mean I've retired, officially. Where is my press conference??????

GoPuckYourself said...

Derek Lee is the Braves' version of Alexi Zhitnik.

That is all.

See you kids in Blueland tomorrow night.