Friday, October 1, 2010

GAME DAY: uh, ah, what?

HAHAHAHAHA apparently the Thrashers are playing the Hurricanes RIGHT NOW in Raleigh. Who knew?

And who, exactly, is present at this game? People who called in sick? The Research Triangle's teeming horde of unemployed high-tech workers? Ric Flair?

If you're craving an actually interesting hockey game, why not go see longtime Chronicle commenter Swegs and his UGA bulldogs-on-skates compete against Auburn's war-eagles-on-skates TONIGHT at 9:30 at the Ice Forum in Duluth (where the Thrashers practice and eat grilled cheese sandwiches in the Breakaway Grill!). Speaking of the Breakaway Grill, Swegs passes along this important piece of information:

Admission is 5 bucks unless you go sit up at the Breakaway Grill, in which case there is a 5 dollar drink minimum.

Thanks, Swegs. So go out and support the Athenians, even though Razor won't, because he's a creature of North Avenue and Techwood and 10th Street, if you catch my drift.

Sadly, your TBC editor won't be able to make it either. Instead, he's going to get stressed out watching the Braves play the Phillies. Never forget.

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swegs said...

gracias good sir