Friday, October 22, 2010

Sanity... You're a MADMAN!!!!

Vivlamore updates us all with new lines he expects to see carry over from practice to the next game against the Lightning.





That is the order in which Vivlamore presented them and he gave a caveat that they are presented in no particular order, so don't go screaming that Eager is now on the "top line" and Kane has been demoted to the "checking line."

That being said, these combinations are fairly mind boggling. Trying Burmistrov with Kane to see if the young hot-rods can build some chemistry and get something going is logical, but why put Thorburn on the line?

Modin has been very slow the last couple of outings, and having him line up opposite Eric Boulton sounds like an equation that adds up to very little ice time. They will gain a few seconds just because of how long it takes them to drag their butts back to the bench at the end of a shift.

Antropov has been playing hurt and looks it. Now we put a thumper on one wing and Pevs on the other. To whom, exactly, is Pevs supposed to Dispense?

Think how much nicer this could all look with the addition of just one legitimate goal scorer?


the jointhead said...

Thorburn is the new Byfuglien who WAS the new Holmstrom!

Jay said...

Should we file a missing persons report on Niclas Bergfors? Just wondering.