Monday, October 4, 2010

Thrashers make Cuts

The Thrashers have trimmed their roster down close to the 23 man limit which must be met by Wednesday afternoon.

Arturs Kulda and Andrey Zubarev from the blueline are heading to the Wolves, along with Patrick Rissmiller if he clears waivers.

None of these cuts are surprising but the fourth cut will likely receive great scrutiny from fans who have been paying attention throughout preseason. Fredrik Petterson has been sent down to the AHL following a very impressive rookie camp, training camp, and preseason campaign.

Rissmiller and Petterson's departures leave roster hopefuls Nigel Dawes, Anthony Stewart, and Alexander Burmistrov in Atlanta. Andrew Kozek remains on the NHL roster, though he is battling a long term injury and hasn't seen the ice in preseason. Jimmy Slater is likewise fighting off a nagging wrist injury and has been skating but hasn't participated in on-ice drills, scrimmages, or games.

Boris Valabik remains with the team, battling with Freddy Meyer for the 7th spot amongst defensemen. Boris' play early in preseason had all of us at the Chronicle believing that his days here were numbered. In fact, we all expressed mild surprise that Boris wasn't included in the first round of cuts, let alone this latest one.

Nigel Dawes looked shaky to begin the preseason, but must have improved over the last four games, scoring two goals and earning the right to stay in Atlanta at least for now.

With twenty five players now on the active roster, the number of cuts that must come between now and Wednesday afternoon will depend on the injury status of Slater, Kozek, and Cormier, as well as any waiver activity.

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