Wednesday, October 13, 2010

About Time

This is probably good news. Might even lead to goals!

We can't make Chris Thorburn shoulder every burden, folks. I know it's easy to forget, but the man is only human.


Anonymous said...

I like Peverley on the first line. Why not? It's the new AK-47 line.

FrenchCatalogues said...

Ugh, whatever.

"Antropov- not so much"..... I hate Ben Wright. Last year I bet you can find some tweet of his backing up the idea of Antro as a center.

At least we have Thorburn. Thank god. I mean really. We'd be lost.

tjm said...

Nice. The arrogant dickhead web nerd turned hockey expert is bashing our players.

Good show Ben Wright…you fucking dumbass.

Razor Catch Prey said...

"[Chris Thorburn] is only human."

I call bull shit. Only a demi-god could grow such a shnoz and such greasy hair.

And I groan at Ben Wright's use of the phrase "not so much" which I despise, but can't argue with the sentiment. He's just talking about Antro's faceoffs, which have been lacking.

This might be an improvement or it might just be moving the tofu and brussel sprouts around the plate. It's concentrating our firepower on one line rather than diluting it, but now it lets the opposition match their best defense against this line while shakier guys can deal with Dawes and Stewart.

Here's hoping Jimmy Slater picks up where he left off last season and can provide a spark and a goal or two. But really Jimmy's role isn't to light the lamp, but to keep the puck in the other team's zone. He fills that role very well. If the puck is down below the opposition's faceoff circles, they can't score on us (Ok, there was that one time, but Pavs has matured since then.)

Big Shooter said...

Wow! And I didn't even start this one!!!

I had to stop following Ben Wright on the twitter because I couldn't take it anymore. I understand he has a job to do and that's to talk up the Thrashers and be positive, but most of the time it's just over the top bull shit.

However, sometimes people will tell me about things he says on the twitter because they know I will flip out and go and call him a douchebag to his face on the Internet.

FrenchCatalogues said...

Shooter, I just couldn't take it much more. I know I don't post on here often, but dammit, he just drives me up the wall.

That Braves 680 statement on twitter was the cherry on top.

He's just a stooge. said...

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