Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"It's the suede-denim secret police." GAME DAY: Los Angeles Kings

(updated below, thirce'd!)

Hahaha, that song is suddenly topical again.

Anyway, the Thrashers begin their Californian Death March with a game against the Kings tonight. Should be fun. My bold prediction? Bryan Little will get on the board. As for wins and losses, I've no idea.

As someone once said, "Go the Thrashers! Play the hockey now!"


Oh wait, you actually wanted a GAME DAY PREVIEW, full of stats about the other team and sentences like "It might be wise to watch out for Anze Kopitar" and "Drew Doughty has a few Norris Trophies in his future" and "Jonathan Quick is in net?"

How about this: the Kings are having their annual Armenian Night tonight, which always coincides with known Armenian Zach Bogosian coming to town. This means that all humans of Armenian descent in the Los Angeles area will descend on the Staples Center (after riding the roller-coaster on Santa Monica Pier) and watch Bogosian play the hockey against their local team.

It's always exciting when Zach is producing, and tonight should be as good a night as any for him to Do Stuff.

Another thing: tonight is the Kings' home opener, so...yeah. There's that.

And finally: thank goodness the Braves' stumbling, gutsy post-season run is over, because now we can concentrate on nothing but Thrashers hockey. Successful and important sports franchises just get in the way sometimes, you know?*

*But seriously now folks: SO LONG, BOBBY COX. It's been a brilliant career.

UPDATE: Wait wait wait, so this game isn't on Atlanta teevee tonight? This makes your editor sad, as he enjoys these late-night West Coast games. Game Center it is, I suppose...

UPDATE II: I advise all of you, especially if you're Evander Kane or Brent Sopel, to take a look at Chronicle operative Smoothie/Mr. Speaker/ J Barty Party's post today about Zach Bogosian, his eyebrows, and the Kardashian sisters.

UPDATE III: Slash will be performing the national anthem tonight at the Staples Center. Insane. Can we get Big Boi to give a dopalicious star-spangled performance at Philips one day?


TK said...

If you have Comcast you should be able to watch the game on the Center Ice preview that runs through the 24th. I don't think FSN/Sports South are televising any of these west coast games.

I guess they think the fans don't want to watch the first road trip of the year. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Is that free preview for regular comcast customers? Because I only see online a free preview for dish customers right now.

Big Shooter said...

For you DirecTV folks out there, I believe they are running a free preview of Center Ice this month...

TK said...

I think if you have the regular digital cable package you should get the Comcast Center Ice preview. I think it is channels 771 through 783.

j_barty_party said...

I can haz a preview!! Yay!

Actually, I plan to watch in HD on my (okay, K-belle's) Mac book and I might just even live blog the sucker for grins and giggs. Help out those Aremenians fucked over by the Dish Network / Fox dispute.

The GameCenter Live deal on NHL.com for $20 / month is a much better deal than CenterIce if you ask me, but that's my opinion. I just can't stand watching any form of hockey in standard (crap-def) broadcast mockery.

j_barty_party said...

Perhaps Tom Green will someday perform my rap song "Yo Check da Thrashers!" for an in-game jumbo tron featurette that runs alternately (is that a word?) with the epic saga of Ten Gallon Dick -Thrashawk Rise, the Resurrection of a Tragic Town.

Thanks for the stick tap your Eminence, not Armenian Eminence though. What are you, Welsh?

Mortimer Peacock said...

Welsh/Armenian/Greek/Jewish/Nubian, I think.

No, actually I'm a fairly boring (mostly) Anglo-Saxon-Norman-Celt thing. So possibly a little Welsh in there...

FUN FACT: If you ever go to Turkey, you'll find the people very gracious and hospitable, until you say "Hello Turkish people, why did you murder all the Armenians during WWI?" Say that and they inexplicably become very surly and press charges against you.

NIce people, the Turks (seriously).

j_barty_party said...

OMG that was funny, in a very perverse, monkey/frog sort of way! Why did they murder the Armenians? For their eyebrow pelts???

Bien sur, dopalicious.