Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thrashers to Appall Your Friends Every Friday Night

Surely those of you who go to Thrashers games every now and then enjoy going to Friday night games. The atmosphere is usually fun, the beer is flowing, and it's the ideal way to introduce friends---or girlfriends/boyfriends, if you're lucky enough to be dating a human member of the opposite or same sex---to the splendid sport of Hockey.

Ah, it's so much fun, introducing the non-initiated to hockey via the comic antics of the Atlanta Thrashers. Explaining what icing may or may not be, giving reasons for the existence of the Ice Girls, watching their reactions as they go from merely amused to intensely interested.

But from now on the majority of these Friday night games with your friends/dates will be spent talking about how hideous the Thrashers' uniforms are.

"Why are their uniforms so horrendous?"

"Well, they don't NORMALLY wear those."

"Those are really ugly."

Et cetera.


Ron Hainsey said...

Have I told you about my pool?

Ronsey "Off the cHainsey" said...

Did I mention I once swam across Lake Erie to Toronto to raise money for the deaf and homeless? Then I whooped Paul Bisonnette's ass for making fun of my PT Cruiser on twitter. I've become a really strong swimmer using my lap pool for practice.

Cliff Bogosian said...

Excuse me, Tom... don't you mean your swim-in-place pool?