Friday, October 29, 2010

Game Day: Sabres

Didn't we just do this? Anyway, Ryan Miller, Thomas Vanek, and Nathan Gerbe return to Atlanta for their second trip this month. The Thrashers offense will be hoping they can continue the roll they started in Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night while Chris Mason tries to allow three or four fewer goals than his last outing.

The Sabres come in at 3-6-1. After winning their opener against the Senators, Buffalo has only been able to gain victories in their previous game with Atlanta and last Saturday's matchup with the Devils.


Anonymous said...

He's a beautiful lady, stunning!

GoPuckYourself said...

So how about that Dustin Byfulgien, eh?

Big Shooter said...

I keep telling everyone to trust me. Dudley and Buff on D is the key to winning games!! That was a great game last night. What a goal to win it!!