Wednesday, October 27, 2010

GAME DAY: Rangers

Oh, how we all dislike the Rangers.


1) The New York Rangers were originally formed to compete with the now long-dead New York Americans.

2) Sean Avery. People like to talk about him, don't they? Come to think of it, the Chronicle needs an NYC-based Sean Avery Gossip Columnist. Send applications to We'll get back to you someday.

3) Halloween is coming up! Why not watch a spooky time captured on celluloid (in Japan)?

4) Jimmy Slater is scratched! Dan Kamal has the comical line combinations.


h said...

Those line combos are crazy.....Modin with Burmy???? How the hell do they expect freddy to keep up with Burmy?? Antro with Eager and Thorbs? I guess that will be the line to get the least amount of ice time.....can't believe I'm saying this but hasn't Thorbs earned more ice time at this point? Funny thing is that this will probably work for some strange god-foresaken reason... said...

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