Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why Do Hockey Players Love 3rd-Rate Vampires?

One of those questions that will never go away, I guess.


GoPuckYourself said...

Hopefully they all handle the tweens better than Jonathon Toews did @ the MuchMusic awards. THAT was awkward.

Hey! This Pierre LeBrun guy says Big Buff can be had for a first-round pick and a prospect. We have TWO picks, and like ELEVENTY prospects. What say you? Should we do this?

Mortimer Peacock said...

Probably. I actually think we should trade #8 if something good enough comes along.

Razor Catch Prey said...

Have you seen a picture of Hall? He looks like he belongs in a teeny-bopper vampire movie.

This is of course distinguished from True Blood which is in no way embarrassing. Off to go google-image search Anna Paquin!

h said...

How about Buf centering Kane and Peverley? A strong goal scoring 2nd line.

j_barty_party said...

h - I love it, but not to pick nits, Big Buff is not a C. But Pevs would look right swell between Buf and Kaner.

And that would be a good way to market the game to an untapped market, shall we say?

Do it Duds, DO IT NOW!!!!

Mortimer Peacock said...

Whatever our roster next season, Peverley must play as a center. He's not as effective on the wing. And yeah, Dustin Byfuglien is a winger, so...Kane-Peverley-Byfuglien sounds like a pretty good second line to me.

The first being Bergfors-Little-Antropov in my hopes, but more likely Bergfors-Antropov-Little in reality.

j_barty_party said...

Morty - I'm witch'a! Little is a damn center! The sooner they wake up to that and let him play, the better off we'll be.

We might be able to get Eager as well to bolster the 4th line as CHI needs to shed about $6.5 M in salary just to make QO's to their RFA's. And who knows what Niemi's demands will be??

If we're so in love with Klingberg and we have Slater and Reasy to play C on the bottom 6, then why not get Eager and send them Cormier? A 3rd line of Fly-Slater-CMac (Klingy in 2011) and a 4th of Eager-Reasy-Thor / Macho is pretty darn serviceable IMHO.

And we can still get a C with our 24th pick if we have to trade # 8 to get Buf / Eager etc. Guys like Howden, Toffoli, Bennett, Sheahan etc will still be available.

h said...

Sorry...my bad on Buff....I guess since his ass is always at the net I just kept thinking he was a C. Either way, it is a good line for sure. I like the first line too. All-in-all, very young and very good. I still think we need to sign a skilled scorer as a FA. No tsure about who would play with Slater on 3rd line though, I guess C-Mac and a free agent. I'd like to see them re-sign R2 to fill that 4th line with Thor and Reasy just cause he's big and also has speed for a big man. Whitey can keep the bench warm and clean up the dirty jerseys too.