Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The Blueland Chronicle can exclusively report that one of Jimmy Slater's terms in agreeing to a new contract with the Atlanta Thrashers was that he must be known forthwith as "James" Slater. The Thrashers were willing meet these terms.


Big Shooter said...

Oh, James... be a dear and run get Mother another glass of tea.

j_barty_party said...

So does that mean he will from hereforthwith (does that word exist?) be referred to as James "THE Skandalous" as opposed to simply Jimmy Skandalous???

These are important questions.

PS -- I had no idea Duncan Keith was acutally a middle-aged, toothless black man from Missisip! Amazing what the shield can hide.

h said...

I think the signing was a good thing. Years and money seems about right. Hopefully, Jimmy continues to play like he did for the last 40+ games. Really want to see Kubina and Max signed next, or at least Kubina. He deserves 2-3 year deal. Give it to him Duds.

Anonymous said...

Or(!) put the two names together and he can be Jimmy James Slater. Then he sounds like a NASCAR driver.