Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Maxim Taking His Detective Skills Elsewhere, Actual LiveBlogging Tonight, Etc.

Late to this, but we thought we'd offer our Important Thoughts anyway. Here's a news item for you:

The Afinogenov thing, that is. "But that's a speculation, not a news item," I hear some of you murmur in the hollowed-out angry night. But as most of you already know, Kevin Allen has seldom been wrong when he makes Thrasher prophecies. I doubt his spotless record will get all crudded and clouded here. POINT BEING: Maxim Afinogenov ain't coming back.

Hardly surprising, given that Herr Dudley only offered him a meager 1-year contract. Your Chronicle thinks that the offer should have been increased a bit, not least because
1) Maxim Afinogenov is our top offensive player
2) we can't afford to send him off willy nilly, with some joke offer
3) we CAN afford to pay him for a more substantial contract and invite others in at the same time

A bad thing, then. Glad we sorted that out.


The sequel to yesterday's hideous game time gaffe---the most egregious mistake in Peacock history, though not in Chronicle history---is this: JOIN US FOR REAL, TONIGHT, for a real life actual Stanley Cup hockey game and some Bisquick mix-fueled love-blogging. It will be awesome. 8:00 PM Eastern coast of America time, etc.

Until then, you're in the company of smooth-but-tough old rogue Sean Connery, who will now tell you all about thuggish Chicago-style hockey politics:

Do the Blackhawks ever play that on their Jumbotron? They should.


Big Shooter said...

So what ring are we looking for?

Not all that easy to comment on the olde iPhone so you won't see much of me tonight. I will, however, be reading. God be with you. Keith for CS if they win? Heeennngghh!

Mortimer Peacock said...

Keith's teeth for CS!

GoPuckYourself said...

This series is going 7 games. I don't see Chicago's youth pulling this out tonight unless Buff has another virtuoso performance.

Big Shooter said...

But I have a stupid wedding to go to and will miss Game 7. Must end tonight!