Thursday, June 3, 2010

Honest to Goodness Thrasher News

Hey lookie here, kids. Kevin Allen tweeted to his computer device that Craig Ramsay MAY be the front runner for the coaching job. He did say that Dudley, rather, was more far from near me in the decision making process instead of near me. For the record, Craig Ramsay is not THE Mike Ramsey that represented the US in 1980. In Kevin Allen's own words:

"Could see Craig Ramsay emerging as frontrunner for Atlanta coaching job. But it's early. Formal interviewing process just beginning."

Hey... also isn't it great that we are such a good and stable team that we can afford to offer our best offensive player a one year contract!! Why bother with treating players with actual respect by giving them at least a TWO year deal. I'm on record as not being a fan of Dudley long before he was hired, and his first move as GM, offering Fins only a one year deal, has not eased my concerns.

Oh, whatever. It's summer time and I will no longer let delusions of potential Thrasher successes bother me while I'm flip flopping around town. See you at the draft.


Razor Catch Prey said...

Yes, let's all laugh at my exuberant mistake that Craig was actually Mike. I'm an idiot.

I still strongly prefer an NHL tested coach for this team. The idea with John Anderson was that he had great experience in developing young players, but that wasn't the main focus of his job. Were he in Phoenix with a roster full of 19-22 year olds that would have been key. In Atlanta this past season he was only dealing with Little, Bogosian, Kane, and eventually Bergfors. Little and Bogosian took big steps back this season under Anderson, whether it was his fault or not.

A good coach will put a winning system in place and will bring along the young players at the same time. Why take another gamble on another AHL coach? Are we just reluctant to pay full price for a bench boss?

Andrew said...

I'd prefer a younger coach who could be here for the long haul, but maybe it's not realistic to expect a hockey coach to be effective over a longer term.

Big Shooter said...

Razor - Sorry, couldn't resist. Ramsay actually has coached in the NHL the past 20 years, but never as a full time Head Coach, I believe. Like you, I'd rather see us go after someone proven. Of course I'd rather see us offer Max at least a 2 year deal instead of hoping for Klingberg to play on line 2 and Cormier to play on line 3.

Anderw - No, most coaches are not successful EVERY year over the long haul. That doesn't mean, however, that they can't coach. Look at Lindy Ruff. He hasn't had a great year every year but he knows what he is doing and his GM is smart enough to understand that not everything is the coach's fault.

Jay said...

I'm not too concerned with the one year offer to Max. His agent will probably come back with a three year offer and then both sides will settle on a two year deal.

At this point, I imagine the head coaching job will be either Ramsey or Torchetti. I'm also not too concerned with prior experience, with Sacco in Colorado, Bylsma in Pittsburg, and Clouston in Ottawa showing that prior coaching experience(or a lot of it in Ramsey's case) in the NHL isn't needed for success.