Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Award Tour

So the NHL Awards are tonight, and we should probably list our picks for things like the Norris, the Vezina, the Hart, and the Jack Adams.

We can't think straight right now, though, as we're still awfully excited about the USA making it through to the terrifying next round of the World Cup. Hooray!

Also: if Duncan Keith doesn't win the Norris then crack isn't whack.

Also also: if the modern day Atlanta Thrashers are truly the Chicago Blackhawks 2.0, as many would like to believe and some ACTUALLY DO believe, then who is our Duncan Keith? Zach Bogosian?

Now that I think of it, I will make my picks.

Vezina ought to go to Ryan Miller. Hart ought to go to Ilya Bryzgalov (Henrik Sedin's achievement this past season was huge, but he had a great supporting cast; without Bryzgalov I doubt the Coyotes would've done much of anything)*. Jack Adams to Dave Tippett, the end.

P.S. Oh yeah, ahahahahaha, Snoop Dogg's going to be playing the thing tonight, right? In honor of tha Doggfather (soundtrack of my childhood), here is my personal favorite Snoop performance, which he'll surely play tonight alongside a parachuted-in Dr. Dre:

"Call him Snoop Eastwood..."

"Tonight's the night like Betty White..."

A classic.

P.P.S. The Selke belongs to Ryan Kesler, now and forever.

*Not nominated? What do you mean "not nominated?" This is worse than live-blogging a non-existent game.


GoPuckYourself said...

Still hammered from the USA's massive win today, but I'm seeing this on Twitter, and I kinda hope there's something to it...

from Hockey Douche--"byfugkian, eager and sopel to alanta for picks and prospects (e5)"

GoPuckYourself said...


Byfuglien, Sopel, Eager to Atlanta for first round pick (New Jersey's), 2nd round pick (new jersey's), Reasoner and Jeremy Morin.

From Kevin Allen. DAMN.