Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spy's Love of Kovalchuk Makes One Nostalgic

When I first read this report about one of those recently-captured Russian spies being a Kovalchuk fan, I became all giddy, and eager to write a "ha ha espionage and my favorite player" post.

Then I remembered that he doesn't play for us anymore. I grew wistful.

I know we're all supposed to pretend he's History's Greatest Monster now, but still. Wonder where he'll end up.

Also, on this suburban Russian spy ring business: is THIS what international espionage has become? McMansions and HGTV? I mean, just how "deep cover" do you have to go?

And more importantly...what does Kovy know?


The jointhead said...

I would totally sell some national secrets to her sweet ass, and video tape it for espionage purposes.

GoPuckYourself said...

Being a Russian spy sounds pretty sweet. Hey, you guys remember how last year the Thrashers were trying to build the Russian National team? Ahhh, memories.

With free agency beginning tomorrow, I'm thinking that IF the Thrashers are actually able sign somebody, it's most likely going to be Ponikarovsky. I'd love to see Mad Max back and Frolov would be a great addition, but we seem to be lowballing everybody right now. We may be able to get Poni on the cheap after Nikolai whispers sweet nothings in his ear.

What do you folks think? Think we sign somebody worth a damn tomorrow?

Mortimer Peacock said...

I would very much enjoy:

- re-signing Kubina
- re-signing Afingogenov
- signing Frolov
- Signing Nabokov in Opium Never-Never Imaginationland

But it looks like Afinogenov is headed to Russia, and yes, we're lowballing everyone. I have a strong feeling that Frolov is going to Pittsburgh, but that might just be my knee acting up.

Razor Catch Prey said...

Stupid trade proposal:

to Boston:
White (hee hee)
2011 3rd round pick (do we still have one?)

to Atlanta:
Tim Thomas
Mark Savard

In a separate move-
To Boston:
Team President Don Waddell

To Atlanta:
Team President Cam Neely

Jay said...

Well, I guess we don't have to worry about acquiring Versteeg.