Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Swedish Mystery

...is the name of Tobias Enstrom's new line of cologne.

Wait, no. Actually it's a phrase that every human must think of when they hear the name "Fredrik Pettersson." I mean, what gives here, amiritepeople?

The short version: the Falconer, and also a Swedish hockey zine called Hockey Expressen, are saying our Atlanta Thrashers are very close to signing a deal with this svelte ruffian. The Thrashers organization is denying this, but they deny most leaked news, and besides, everyone hates the Thrashers organization anyway so SEND THEM TO THE GULF, ETC.

Anyway, if Google's translation robots can be trusted (and your editor uses them all the time, so he can catch up with Mario Vargas Llosa's latest in Letras Libres) the Thrashers are contradicting their new player's own horse's word-mouth.


Among the worst

Atlanta Trashers is one of the NHL's worst teams. Have just gone to the playoffs once in the 2000s (0-4 in matches against the New York Rangers in the first round in 2007).

Why was it Atlanta?
- Atlanta has always been the first election, interest already existed before the World Cup, "says Frederick. They are building up an interesting team, and when I got the offer was not much hesitation on.
You have signed a two-year contract. How certain are you to take a seat?

- I think I have a good chance, but sure, I can not be. However, I intend to train hard, both with Frölunda and on their own, to get prepared for awesome.

Get prepared for awesome. Anyway, I'm sure the Thrashers are near a deal with this fellow and just don't want to talk about it. Either that or they've led this young man on in a most cruel way.

Also: even the Google robots call us the "Trashers."

UPDATE: Oh yeah the Thrashers finally went and signed the guy, the end.


Razor Catch Prey said...

Ladies and Gentlemen (wait, do any ladies or gentlemen read our blog?) your new 2010-2011 Thrashers marketing slogan:



BJARN ON BARD!!!!!!!!!!!

j_barty_party said...

Uh, I hate to break it to you but awesome hath alreday arrived in the form of a contract. Tis official not only according to all of Sweden as well as capgeek.com, but also BenThrashers broke the news with Dudley quotes even!!

2 more Swedes and we shall lead the liga in Swedes...that counts for awesome doesn't it?

RCP - I like it!! Bjarn on bard!!

Sverige Atlanta!!

Mutton Sourdough said...

In the words of Gerhardt from the episode of Rocky and Bullwinkle in which Boris Badenov's superior, Fyearlyess Lyeader, weaponized "Goof Gas", "Hoovray!"

Now all we need is the Swedish Chef as our mascot!